Monday, April 26, 2010

Frozen fruit tutorial

Many fruits can be frozen and stored in a freezer for later use. Frozen fruits can be used in many ways:

Chilled salads
Combine frozen peach slices, frozen grapes or blueberries, frozen melon slices (such as honeydew melon or cantaloupe) and frozen strawberry or pineapple slices. Allow them to thaw on a counter for 20-30 minutes before serving

Smoothies and slushies
Combine frozen fruit with milk, water or juice and crushed ice or ice cream for a refreshing summer smoothie or slushie drink. The possible combinations are almost endless.

Frozen fruit can be added to pancake batter, oatmeal or cream of wheat, or cooked in a pie or crisp.

To freeze fruit:

Wash fruit.

Remove leaves, peels, or stems. (Some peels, such as peach skins, are easier to remove if the fruit is submerged in boiling water for a few seconds. Then the skin will be easy to remove, but the fruit will not be cooked).


Place on a baking sheet.

Place in freezer for 10-30 minutes. This "quick freezing" will allow the fruit to freeze individually (instead of freezing in a clump).

Remove the fruit from the freezer, then place in a storage container, such as a resealable plastic bag or a plastic container. Label, then return to the freezer until you are ready to use it. Fruit that has been "quick frozen" this way will be easy to use in small portions later--just remove the amount needed for a recipe, and return the remainder to the freezer.

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